Diana Solis is a classically trained painter born in Las Vegas, NV to a family of Mexican immigrants. In her early childhood she moved to Bayamón, Puerto Rico where she spent the rest of her childhood and early adolescence. Although she started drawing as early as she can remember, her love really started here with an admiration for illustration which over the years developed into a passion for oil painting. After moving back to the US, she enrolled in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Although she had hoped to study drawing and painting after high school, she decided to major in Art History due to a disillusionment in the lack of training or instruction in the art universities. She spent her days drawing and painting without instruction and researching both old masters and contemporary painters whom she admired. After finishing her studies at UNLV, she applied to the Florence Academy of Art where she recieved scholarships to study and complete the three year program. She graduated in 2017 and is now spending her time between the two continents, where, apart from her studio work she is now taking on portrait comissions.

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